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Torrance: P/V Highschool, 18-year-old arrested for rape. $100.000.00 bail.

Result: GDS Defense investigation Resulting in case rejected by D.A.'s office

Possession of Concentrated Cannabis - DISMISSED

Orange County Superior Court, Harbor Justice Center: Client charged with felony possession of concentrated cannabis.

Result: Case dismissed upon client's submission of a DNA sample and a $100.00 charitable donation. Case Number: 14HF1368.

Felony Vandalism - PROBATION

Los Angeles County Superior Court, Airport Branch: Client charged with felony vandalism, with gang allegation and prior strike conviction

Result: settlement of the case, strike stricken, priors stricken, probation, and 2 days of jail. March, 2013 Case No. SA082763

Child Molestation - PROBATION

Los Angeles County Superior Court, Norwalk Branch: Client charged with 8 counts of child molestation, carrying a mandatory sentence of 15 years to life in prison

Result: Probation and 1 year in county jail, January 2014, Case No. VA130466


Los Angeles County Superior Court, Compton Charges: rape; rape in concert; sexual assault

Result: Not guilty on all counts after jury trial 2001


Los Angeles County Superior Court, Downtown Charges: Driving under the influence; sales of Ecstasy pills at a party

Result: DUI dismissed; Sales charge dismissed; Deferred entry of judgment to possession. No probation and no jail time.

Forced Rape, Sodomy & Forced Oral Copulation - TIME SERVED & PROBATION

Compton: Multiple Counts of Forced Rape, Sodomy, Forced Oral Copulation. Max exposure = indeterminate 50 years to life term.

Result: Time served & probation. Case No.TA096200

Distribution of Drugs - NOT GUILTY

United States District Court, Los Angeles: Client charged with distribution of crack cocaine and conspiracy to distribute cocaine in an ATF gang taskforce prosecution. The client was facing a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison.

Result: Jury Trial: client acquitted of all charges. June, 2013: United States v. James Madison, et al., CR 12-873.


Los Angeles County Superior Court, Compton Branch: Client charged with two counts of murder, with special circumstances. The client was facing the death penalty of life in prison without parole.

Outcome: The defense motion to suppress interrogation was granted based upon the violation of the client's Miranda rights. Murder charges dismissed by court. The client was placed on probation for burglary, with credit for time served. April, 2009 Case No. TA933382


Los Angeles County Superior Court, Torrance Branch: Client charged with murder, robbery, and attempted robbery. District Attorney seeking the death penalty.

Result: After a 4-month jury trial, there was a hung Jury as to penalty. The District Attorney decides it has no chance to get death and dismisses the death penalty allegation. May, 2007 A925100

Distribution of Prescription Medicine - MISDEMEANOR CHARGE

United States District Court, Los Angeles: The client was charged with distribution of prescription medicine without a license and with misbranding prescription medicine

Result: 7 counts plea bargained down to one misdemeanor charge. The client was placed on probation with no jail time. February, 2014 CR 13-249


Los Angeles County Superior Court, Compton Charges: 2 counts of murder; 2 counts of attempted murder. The client was facing the death penalty if convicted.

Result: Jury trial – acquittal of all charges, convicted of a lesser offense of assault with a firearm. 1999

Attempted Murder - PLEA BARGAIN

Los Angeles County Superior Court, Torrance Branch Charges: The client was charged with attempted murder and discharge of a firearm during a crime of violence. The case carried a mandatory sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

Result: After investigation and pre-trial motions, the government offered a plea bargain of accessory after the fact and 2 years in prison. 2012.


United States District Court, Los Angeles: Client charged with "pump and dump" stock fraud and investor fraud scheme. Allegations in the indictment exposed the client to 40 years in prison and fines of millions of dollars. Government seeks detention of client pending trial.

Result: Defendant released on signature bond over the strenuous objection of government. Plea agreement for one count of filing a false financial statement. Sentencing is pending, but the client is facing a short term of imprisonment or probation. 2013-2014

Receiving Stolen Property & Drug Sale - NO JAIL TIME

Downtown LA CCB: Client charged with Receiving Stolen Property (2 flat screens) and Sale of Methamphetamine (1/4 Ounce). He had a prior "Strike" in which he used a firearm, 4 prison priors, and was a registered sex offender.

Result: The client was sentenced to 3 years of probation and a live-in drug program. No jail time. (11/4/13, Case No. BA411273)

Assault / Discharge of Firearm / Gross Negligence - NO JAIL TIME

LAX COURT: The client was charged with Assault with a Firearm, personal use of a handgun, and discharge of a Firearm with Gross Negligence. The case involved a heated argument between business partners behind their business on Westwood Blvd. The client eventually shot one round toward his partner with a 9mm semi-automatic firearm. His exposure was 14 years 8 months, as filed.

Result: After extensive investigation and negotiation, the case was resolved with no jail time, 3 years of probation, and 100 hours of community work service on May 29, 2012. (Case No. SA079985)

Kidnapping to Commit Rape, Robbery & Oral Copulation - NOT GUILTY

Compton: 16-year-old client charged as an adult with Kidnapping to Commit Rape, Robbery, and Forced Oral Copulation. Three men followed a couple home from a Chase ATM, robbed them at gunpoint, and then abducted the female victim. They drove her back to the Chase Bank while raping her and continuously sexually assaulting her. Our client's exposure was in excess of 2 life terms. Settlement discussions with the District Attorney proved fruitless, with an offer of 25 to life. The case was tried.

Result: Not Guilty/Acquitted by the Jury of all counts and allegations in Department South Central Q on November 4, 2011 (Case No. TA113109).

Possession for Sale - PROBATION

Long Beach Possession for Sale 800 lbs. Marijuana and Firearm = Probation + 60 days Cal Trans.


Lancaster: Felony DUI with serious bodily injury. Max exposure = 7 years.

Result: Misdemeanor Reckless Driving ("dry") Probation $145.00 fine and DUI terms. (Case No.MA047497)

Possession of Firearm - CASE DISMISSED

Long Beach: 1 Count of Possession of Firearm (45 Cal.) w/ Heroin.

Result: Case dismissed at Preliminary Hearing on 3/22/10. (Case No. NA084332)

Criminal Threat - 6 YEARS

Long Beach: 1 Count of Witness Intimidation (136.1) & 1 Count Criminal Threat (422) + Gang and Gun "Armed" Enhancement, 5 years prior and prior "STRIKE." Max Exposure: 2 Life Terms +.

Result: 6 years, 4 months w/ 50% time credits on 4/26/10. (Case No. NA083764)

Felony Vehicular Manslaughter - MISDEMEANOR PROBATION

Inyo County: 2 Counts Felony Vehicular Manslaughter.

Result: Misdemeanor Probation (Case No. F10744663)

False Insurance Claim - DISMISSED

Santa Ana Court (Orange County): The client was charged with stealing her own car, driving it across the border into Mexico, and then filing a false insurance claim with Mercury Insurance).

Result: Case Dismissed after litigation and investigation by GDS attorneys


Downtown L.A. CCB: The client was charged with multiple counts of Robbery, Assault with a Firearm, Criminal Threats, and with a "Strike" Robbery prior to exposing him to more than 38 years & 4 months.

Result: After extensive investigation, motion work, cell tower defense generated evidence, and video enhancement, done at the direction of, all charges were dismissed in the interest of justice on September 6, 2011, in Department 127 (Case No. BA366923-06).

Robbery & Assualt - DISMISSED

Long Beach: The client was charged with 2 Counts of Robbery and 2 Counts of Assault with a Firearm, exposing him to more than 20 years in prison at 85% time.

Result: After extensive investigation and motion work by Damone & Schroeder, the case was dismissed on the day set for Preliminary Hearing, 8/29/11, in Department 3, (Case No. NA088784).

Felony Strike Criminal Threat - CASE REDUCED

Downtown L.A. CCB: Felony Strike Criminal Threat, Client was waiving a gun around and threatening neighbors on a street corner in Wilshire, Bail $50,000

Result: 26 Anger Management classes, case Reduced to a Misdemeanor & Dismissed on 5/27/11 pursuant to Penal Code 1203.4 (Case No. BA370758-01)

Attempted Murder - NOT GUILTY

Downtown L.A. CCB: Felony Attempted Murder (664/187) and Use of a Firearm. Client Allegedly shot his mother-in-law three times in the face with a .380. She suffered the loss of her right eye, hearing in her left ear, and permanent disfigurement.

Result: Not Guilty/Acquitted by the Jury all counts and allegations in Department 122 on June 8, 2011 (Case No. BA360548)

Felony Arrest - PROBATION

Downtown L.A. CBB: Felony arrest for Aggravated Mayhem with Life exposure, Bail: 1 million dollars. The defendant burned the infant with a hot iron, causing 2nd and 3rd-degree burns.

Result: 5 years formal probation with 180 days in custody. Disposition date: 4/8/11 (Case No. BA380967)

Sexual Assault - REJECTED

Torrance: Arrested for 288 Sexual Assault of Minor, $100.000.00 bail

Result: D.A. Rejected after 4-month Defense investigation by GDS Attorneys.

DUI, Drug Possession and Hit & Run - THREE YEARS OF PROBATION

Torrance: Felony DUI, Cocaine Possession, and 7 Counts of Hit & Run. Three prior DUI's Offer @ time, DAMONE, & SCHROEDER substituted in 3 Years Prison.

Result: 30 days Cal Trans w/ 3 yrs probation. Case No. YA075018

Attempted Murder of Police Officer - LIFE TERM

Long Beach: Attempted Murder of Police Officer (LAPD), with prior strike. Max: Life term


Long Beach: 1 Count of Murder (187) + Gang and Gun Use Enhancement, 1 Count Attempted Murder + Gang and Gun Use Enhancement: Max Exposure: 2 Life Terms + 50 years to life.

Result: Case dismissed at Preliminary Hearing on 3/12/10. (Case No.NA082879-01)


Orange: Juvenile Client arrested and charged with driving under the influence of E-tabs. Discovery and settlement discussions with the District Attorney were aggressively pursued.

Result: Case Dismissed (Case #DL038220)


Newport Beach: An Adult Male Client was arrested and charged with DUI after parking his vehicle and then walking into a liquor store where he purchased wine. The DUI investigation and his refusal to give a breath or blood sample were videoed by the police officers. The District Attorney, after several settlement discussions, refused to reduce the charges. The case was tried by Attorney Bryan Schroeder.

Result: Mistrial declared by the court after the Jury returned hung 11-1 for Not Guilty. Thereafter, a settlement discussion resulted in the client being offered a Dry Reckless. (Case #09H08340)

Misdemeanor Violation - CASE DISMISSED

Long Beach: Female homeowner Client charged with a misdemeanor violation of the Long Beach Municipal Code for maintaining an illegal addition to her home.

Result: Case Dismissed (Case # 1LG02724)

Arrested & Charged With Criminal Threats - DISMISSED

Torrance: Adult Male Client arrested and charged with a total of 16 separate counts ranging from criminal threats (Penal Code Section § 422), Assault (P.C. § 240), battery (P.C. § 242), as well as other charges stemming from a heated argument on school property with another adult.

Result: All charges dismissed pursuant to Penal Code Sections § 1377 & § 1378. (Case No.: 3SY02127)

Domestic Violence - CASE REJECTED

Anaheim: A 23-year-old client was investigated for punching his girlfriend and the mother of his child in the back of the head. The incident erupted during a heated discussion while he was attempting to pick up his child and take him to breakfast. Damone & Schroeder was retained pre-filing to confer with Detectives while the investigation was pending.

Result: Case Rejected by Anaheim City Attorney (Report #11-161912)

Carrying a Concealed Weapon - CASE DISMISSED

Huntington Park: An adult male client was arrested for carrying a loaded firearm while mowing the front lawn of his home. Police officers arrested and humiliated the client in front of his home. He was charged in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Downey Branch.

Result: Case Dismissed (Case # 1DY04574)


Long Beach: Adult Client arrested and charged with DUI. The LBPD LAB alleged findings of both alcohol and drugs in his blood after an almost head-on collision between the client's vehicle and an LBPD cruiser. The settlement discussions were fruitless as a result of the accident and the civil case filed by the client against the City of Long Beach for injuries he sustained in the accident. The case was tried by Attorney Bryan Schroeder.

Result: All Charges Dismissed except for an Infraction for Driving with an Open Container. (Case # 8LT00048)



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